Sunday, July 14, 2013

Handout Organization

As promised in my last post, here is how I organize my papers for the week.  I have two different classes that I teach:  Geometry and Contemporary Math.  My classes are color coded.  Geometry is represented by cool colors:  purple for A period, blue for C period, and green for F period.  Contemporary Math, of course, is represented by warm colors:  orange for D period and red for H period.  {Yes, my school organizes periods by letters instead of numbers.  It's very odd to me, and after one year I'm still not entirely used to it.}

Before the year even began, I found small labels and wrote out the days of the week and the labels "Grade," "Copy," and "Hand Out" twice in each color.  {I also did a few extra in pink for generic copying and filing.  This was later replaced with the hanging file folder system though.}  I put corresponding labels on both sides of 1" binder clips, and that's it.  I absolutely loved using this
system.  Every time I made copies for my classes, I clipped them with the binder clip of the appropriate day.  It kept me organized all year.  As part of my regular routine, at the end of the day I moved the handouts for the next day from my drawers {below} to the today folder of my hanging file holder.

To keep my papers further organized by class, I used two of these storage drawers stacked on top of one another. 

I have the drawers organized by period, with scrapbook paper lining each drawer to color code the otherwise clear drawers.  {Like this pinspiration .}  I have one drawer for each class, and the drawer on the bottom is for scrap paper.

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