Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Student Survey Responses

I always end the year with a survey for my students to take to inform changes that I need to make for the next year.  This year I kind of forgot to type one up, and I'm not sure where to even look for the older ones on my flash drive.  Instead, I used a survey I saw on another blog (Misscalcul8's Mad Lib survey).  It was easy to download and I just had to change my name and reformat it a little bit for my name to fit.  The survey was a nice change of pace, the students' responses were more amusing than in the past, but I really missed having the piece that gives me ideas for next year.  I prepped the students for it by telling them it was like a letter for next year's classes.

Since the students' answers were amusing/enlightening, I thought I'd share them here.

Miss Beebe's class is really ___________.
  • normal
  • fun
  • kinda sorta hard
  • difficult sometimes
  • boring
  • organized and clean
  • swagalicious
She is a ____________ teacher.
  • sweet
  • good
  • great, funny, & amazing
  • fabulous
  • badass
Every day in class we ______________.
  • take notes
  • learn about math (duh XD)
  • learn
  • learn something new
  • learn Geometry
  • do a Do Now and learn
  • learn and have fun
  • get work done while having a good time
  • learn in creative ways
  • never have a free day
Ms. Beebe hates when the class is ________________,
  • loud [this one came up several times - I'm pretty sure I'm highly sensitive]
  • talking while she's talking
  • loud and disruptive
  • noisy
  • immature
  • loud and obnoxious
  • disrespectful
  • on their phones
but she loves when the class is __________________.
  • quiet and paying attention
  • quiet and ready to learn
  • participating
  • focused

One thing you will hear Ms. Beebe say a lot is "_________________________"
  • the most popular response was shut up/be quiet/take off your headphones (enter the name of the most talkative kid in the class)
  • SMH
  • Guys! [my token attention getter - note:  find a better one]
  • I'm hungry [this was the class before lunch - talking about food is a great way to bond with a class by the way]
  • I'm gonna go from 0 - 180 real quick [I said this by accident one day and it became a math joke, and then it became a warning - I would tell a misbehaving student "I'm at 90 right now"]
  • Any questions?
  • When in doubt, draw it out [a student deserves all the credit for this one - it became our class motto for word problems]
  • snaps [a quiet alternative to clapping when a student has a moment worth recognizing]
  • Aww, that's mean
We do a lot of ____________________ in class.
  • math
  • writing
  • notes and problems
  • equations
  • meth [obviously joking]
The best part about Ms. Beebe's class is ____________________,
  • when she takes time to do things
  • when everyone is listening
  • the notebook
  • Ms. Beebe [<3]
  • there are jokes
  • how we can work and have fun
  • that we can correct our tests
  • she's really nice and helps everyone
  • she makes it easy to understand
  • the positivity
but I hate when _________________________.
  • she rushes through things
  • people get sidetracked and distract everyone
  • we have homework [which is every day!]
  • people keep talking and we can't get nothing done
  • she gets mad
  • the class is noisy
  • she gets crazy with us
  • it is always humid [May/June in NY, ugh!]
  • we have to take tests
  • she tells me to be quiet
  • Ms. Beebe isn't here [Just for the record, I was only absent 3 days.]
Ms. Beebe is different from other teachers because _____________________.
  • she is a lot more friendly
  • she is very organized
  • she actually cares about us passing
  • she is really nice and funny and we actually learn in her class
  • her voice is sweeter (other teachers' voices are harsh)
  • she is fun
  • she has good music taste
  • the notes are easier to write down
  • she actually tries
  • she tries to find different and creative ways to learn [I think they meant 'teach']
  • she is always making us work
  • she is at our level
  • we always have homework and do stuff every day [I've perfected a fake laugh for when students ask if we can have a free day/watch a movie]
  • she does exit tickets
  • she is sassy and jokes around with us
  • she does fun notes
  • she has a good sense of humor
  • she actually cars about our well-being
  • she shows love to her students
  • she listens
  • she stays positive, rarely yells, and she tells funny stories [I only yell when absolutely necessary - this way when I do, the kids take it more seriously]

I always felt ___________ in Ms. Beebe's class because ________________________.
  • normal/she keeps the class awake
  • happy/she's always happy
  • like I learned/she actually teaches
  • comfortable/it was easier to learn from her
  • hot/because there's no AC
  • comfortable/I understand the work
  • welcomed/she always smiled at me
  • good/she explains good
  • happy/it was always so fun
  • smart/she's a good teacher
  • comfortable/I can be myself
  • tired/we're always working
  • amused/there are weird people in the class
  • loved/of the atmosphere
  • protected/she's just the MVP
  • like myself/she loves us
  • comfortable/she's just very accepting of everyone
Is Ms. Beebe's class, you will always need ________________.
  • a pencil
  • to pay attention
  • to be prepared and pay attention
  • a pencil and calculator
  • humor
  • your notebook
  • a notebook, a pencil, and an agenda
  • to do your homework
  • a brain
Ms. Beebe helps us learn by ___________________.
  • taking notes
  • staying after for extra help
  • showing us and going over the work
  • going over things slowly
  • breaking things down
  • making us ask questions
  • making examples
  • explaining things completely
  • looking back at notes
  • using different methods
  • using the SMART Board
  • having us create a notebook
  • making it fun
  • teaching us step-by-step
  • our notebooks, her notes, and her life references
If you ever need _________________, Ms. Beebe is just the person who can help.
  • help in math
  • a dinosaur
  • extra help
  • to ask a question
  • brownies/sweets [we had a desserts party after school to celebrate students that reached/exceeded their local exam goals]
  • help or advice
  • to talk
  • extra review
  • a friend

Ms. Beebe is the type of teacher who treats students like ___________________.
  • with respect
  • friends
  • real people
  • equals
  • smart people
  • they want to be treated
  • they're important
  • she wants to be treated
  • their not stupid
  • her kids
  • a sister [my students are around my sister's age - actually when I started student teacher my sister was in my class - so this comes naturally :) ]
  • her cats [except I don't cuddle my students, that would be weird]
  • they all have importance here
And last but not least, the most important thing I must tell you about Ms. Beebe's class is _________.
  • she acts like we are people not kids (well most of us)
  • it's hard, but also fun
  • you are gonna hate proofs, but it gets better
  • do your homework because it counts
  • she's serious about her work
  • it's really fun even though it seems boring
  • it's okay to not know, but it's not okay to not try
  • don't treat her crazy because I will come back and turn up [lol]
  • it is hard.  You really need to pay attention and if you do the "fun" will come after
  • you can always be yourself and she'll never judge you and she will always be there to help you
Ms. Beebe is the most _______________ teacher,
  • fun
  • chill
  • helpful
  • funniest
  • friendly
  • sarcastic [I'm working on this, but it's been working for me]
  • caught up in our generation [I am in their generation]
  • caring
  • interesting
  • relate-able
  • creative
  • valuable
  • optimistic
but not the most _________________ teacher.
  • strict [this one came up a lot, I don't know if I'm just getting my expectations met without having to push so hard or if I'm settling and not pushing enough]
  • meanest
  • boring
  • annoying
  • outspoken
  • youngest
  • serious (in a good way)
  • b*tchy [they couldn't find another word :X ]
 This post took so much longer to type than I expected.  I'll save my reflections for my next post. 

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