Friday, August 21, 2015

New Bathroom Passes!

Does anyone else have issues with their students destroying everything?  Every year I have no choice but to put so much time and effort into damage control.

Two years ago I made these awesome bathroom passes.  They were just clothespins that I had made a label for that said "Bathroom Pass Room 414".  I attached a magnet to the back of it so I could just keep in on my board and it was so simple and it worked flawlessly.  Until some kid tore off the label or the magnet, or both in one trip to the bathroom.  (I seriously don't understand the need to ruin things!)  I had extras on hand of course, but ran out by February.  And the ones that I simply wrote on in Sharpie marker just disappeared.  (And weren't nearly as pretty, so we just couldn't have that.)

Last year I gave up completely and didn't really write passes.  My classroom is kinda right next to the bathrooms, so it was okay, until a student wandered off instead of doing what they were supposed to be doing.  (Which wasn't a problem the previous year with the clothespins.)

So one day while perusing Pinterest for recipes or something completely not school related, these passes popped up, and I loved the idea immediately.  (I wish I could give adequate credit, but the pin just led to this photo.)  The beauty of these (and the clothespins) is that students wear them so they aren't being placed on the dirty floor or the wet, dirty sinks, and students don't have to touch them at all during their trip, so it stays relatively germ free.  (Does anyone else find that those giant containers of hand sanitizer that are the bathroom pass are absolutely disgusting?)

Naturally I decided that I had to make my own pass template.  Since I made it in Power Point and it needs to be an editable document so other teachers can use these too (and I think Google Docs just converts all PPT uploads to Google Slides), I just uploaded it to my TPT store.  You can get your free download of the passes here.

I had these badge holders laying around.  They're from WalMart and are ridiculously cheap.  (As in they fall apart.)  I anticipate these to get destroyed so I printed the passes on card stock and laminated them.   Then after I placed the passes inside the badge holder, I used packing tape to cover the opening and the holes, and then I punched a small hole to allow the key ring to loop around.  I'm hoping this works out.  I'm not sure yet if I'm going to put up a hook to hold the pass.  (I only allow one student out a time, so I will only have one pass available at a time.  I just have my extras ready for when things go awry.)  I may just hold the pass until someone needs it.  Or maybe not. 

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