Saturday, August 6, 2016

Math Careers Bulletin Board Printable [#MTBoSBlaugust]

The culture of my school is one that does not seem to be focused on academics, aside from the few students that excel in that area.  For many reasons, students are more focused on socializing and/or sports.  It's as though they don't even realize the main purpose of school.  I'm attempting to do my part to change that.

Last year I took control over my school's math bulletin board.  (Which I have no pictures of for some reason.)  After each marking period, each math teacher puts together an honor roll list, specifically for their courses.  Until the first marking period ends, the bulletin board is  usually left blank.  Last year I remedied this by creating a "What do good mathematicians do?" display based on the picture from this pin:

What Good Mathematicians Do Colossal Poster:  

When I was a student, I always saw school as a means to an end.  Go to school, get good grades, go to college, get more good grades, and finally get the job I want - whatever that may have been.  When it came to math, I was lucky I stuck it out, because otherwise I would not be doing what I am doing today.  Since my students have such a disinterest in math, and a lack of vision for the future, I decided to create a bulletin board that showcases some of the careers to which math could lead.  

I used the careers posted on a webpage I found through Pinterest:  Top Jobs for Mathletes, and created half-page cards in Power Point that I will print, laminate, and arrange on the bulletin board.  (I will add a picture of the final product when I put it all together at school.)  Each card includes a brief description of the job, the necessary level of education, and the salary range for that job (if available).  I selected the 30 careers that I thought would be the most appealing to teenagers, and included a QR code to the original website.  Clicking on each job from the website will launch a new page with more information about the career.

Here is what the cards look like:

You could download your very own free copy of the Math Careers Bulletin Board from my Teachers Pay Teachers store.


  1. Can't wait to see the finished product! Do you have a picture of last year's "What Good Mathematicians Do"?

  2. I have a new section of my classroom for a "math career of the week" that I am so excited about. It's very much like this, except I just have one up at a time.

    1. That sounds awesome! You should blog about it.

    2. Definitely will do! I just need to get one more part laminated and then let the blogging commence!

  3. Ooh! Love the math careers! Definitely stealing those!!


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