Saturday, September 9, 2017

Geometry INB 2017-2018 - Unit 10

Here is my table of contents for reference.  I forgot to photograph the unit self-assessment.  This unit was unit 2 last year, but this year I'm pushing it back to unit 10.

For the pages in this unit, the booklet cover depicts the directions for the construction (using a flat compass - so you may need to tweak the directions if you use a regular compass), and the inside has space for students to practice the construction.  Since the orientation of the pages change, I had to compile each part of the pages as a separate files.
File Names:  1-INB1-Cover-EquiTri & 1-INB1-Inside

File Names:  1-INB2-Cover-PerpBis & 1-INB2-Inside

File Names:  2-INB2-Cover-AngBis & 2-INB1-Inside

File Names:  2-INB2-Cover-PerpLines & 2-INB2-Inside

File Names:  4-INB1-Cover-Square & 4-INB1-Inside

File Names:  4-INB2-Cover-Hexagon & 4-INB2-Inside

File Names:  4-INB3-Cover-Triangle & 4-INB3-Inside

File Name:  5-INB

File Names: 6-INB1-Cover & 6-INB2-Cover

File Name:  7-INB

Pages shown are available for download here.


  1. I have used your isn pages on constructions previously, I was wondering if you can share a lesson plan on any of the isn pages. I often find it difficult to have to explain what I'm doing to administration.

    1. I can do this, but it won't happen for awhile since school just started back up. It may even be something I try to integrate while sharing new notebook pages.

  2. This really looks great! How do you test this unit?

    1. I've used multiple choice questions about constructions, and amost half of the test was on making constructions.

      This year, since I moved this unit to the end, a significant portion of the test will be doing constructions, but the rest of the questions can be review questions.


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