Thursday, September 7, 2017

Geometry INB 2017-2018 - Unit 8

My table of contents and unit self-assessment are shown above for reference.  Please note that last year's unit 9 is this year's unit 8.

File Name:  1-INB

The page on the left is available for download.  (File Name:  2-INB)  The page on the right is a card sort and it is available for purchase from my TPT store.

File Name:  3-INB

These pages have been changed for next year and are now two separate pages instead of one page.  File Names:  4-INB & 5-INB

File Name:  6-INB

File Name:  7-INB

I gave my students this page to complete as a Do Now.  File Name:  8-DN

File Name:  8-INB

I also gave this page as a Do Now.  File Name:  9-DN

File Name:  9-INB

Pages shown except where mentioned above are available for download here.

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