About Me

Being a teacher is a big part of who I am.  I am a lifelong learner, and I love professional development.  I teach Regents Geometry, General Geometry, and SAT Prep in a small junior/senior high school in New York.
I’m an anomaly of a Math teacher – instead of Science as my secondary strength, it is English and Language Arts.  I enjoy reading and writing (hence the blog), arts and crafts, and being creative in general.  I don’t think I’m weird, I think I’m just well-balanced.  

Even in my rational mind, I believe in good luck, karma, and am sometimes superstitious.  I don’t put much stock in astrology or read my horoscope every day, but I am the epitome of a Virgo. 

I have always been super organized and love creating and implementing new organization techniques.  Even when I'm already organized I look for better ways to organize. 

INB Syllabus Cover Page

What happens to the syllabi you pass out to students at the beginning of school every year?  My guess is that they find their way to the gar...