Wednesday, August 12, 2015

2014-2015 Geometry INB Unit 3 (Lines & Angles)

Here is unit 3...

The table of contents and unit self-assessment.

We started with naming lines and angles.  I prepared a page for fill-in notes for all the vocabulary we had, and a chart about naming the lines, angles, etc. in a We See-We Write-We Say format.

Then we did all of the basic point/lines/planes postulates as fill-in notes and practice with the segment and angle addition postulates.

The left hand page is a continuation from the postulates notes, and then for Angle Pair Relationships I gave more fill-in notes.  (They are so helpful when there would otherwise be a ton of writing involved.)

This page is a continuation from the Angle Pair Relationship notes. 

Next we learned about parallel lines.

Here is the inside of the foldable.  I had students highlight the angles whose relationship was indicated.

Then for constructions, I wrote out steps using the Math Open Reference website.  I included a QR code link at the bottom of each page.  For these lessons I gave students these sheets to fill in the blanks as we watched the construction animation, then I gave them a worksheet to practice the construction, and then when they had it, they completed the construction on their INB page.  We did this for perpendicular bisectors, equilateral triangles, angle bisectors, and perpendicular lines.  For next year I have few more constructions to add. 

I think for this coming year, I may change up some of the examples so I can increase the rigor.  Overall, I'm pretty happy with how this unit turned out.  My students last year loved constructions!  (Most of them anyway.)  I hope my new group can feel the same way.

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