Saturday, September 30, 2017

My Classroom Tour #SundayFunday

This week's #SundayFunday prompt is to do a classroom tour. 
I love classroom tours!  I made mine as a video at the beginning of this school year, and so far nothing has really changed.

Submitted for your viewing pleasure, my classroom tour:

Saturday, September 16, 2017

My Favorite Math Task #SundayFunday

This week's #SundayFunday prompt is to share your favorite math task.

I have already blogged about some of my favorite tasks in the past, so I'm going to link to those.  I have three activities that I love, and I couldn't choose just one, so I am linking all three.

#1:  Students discover line and rotational symmetry in this task using shapes attached to 360 degree protractors with brads.

#2:  Students experience indirect measurement using a mirror.

#3:  In my most popular task among students, students discover cross sections of three dimensional shapes using play-doh.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

2017-2018 Emergency Sub Plans #SundayFunday

I just finished my first week of school.  While I enjoy participating in the Sunday Funday posts, I have to admit it is usually frustrating to me since all teachers start school at different times.  I often feel like I'm being forced to start contemplating things before I am ready for them because I am determined to still participate at the time that the posts are due for submission.

For this week, however, I was already prepared!  As school came to an end last year, I put a lot of thought into my emergency sub plans knowing that it often feels like one more thing piled on at the super-busy beginning of the school year.  I started prepping my emergency sub plans last June, and all I had to do this year was update it for my new schedule.

I made it to year 5 without ever having to use my emergency sub plans.  My school asks for three days of emergency sub plans to be submitted to the main office each year.  They did not give us any further direction aside from the mandate that we cannot send our copies to them to hold.  They must be somewhere easily accessible in our classroom.  My solution to this issue was to use the problems from the back of my Geometry textbooks in all of my classes making my emergency plans one page.  This works well if you regularly use your textbooks and have paper that is easily accessible to students.  I don't regularly use textbooks, so my students were likely confused when the sub told them to work from the textbook.  This work was also difficult to check.  What I love about worksheets is that they all the look the same, so I know where to look to check students' answers, and it makes checking/correcting so much faster.

This year I have a sub tub.  That's right, sub tubs are not just for elementary school anymore.  I think this will be a game-changer for me.  Previously, I had a binder, but binders can only hold so many papers (not enough for three days of three preps of sub plans).  For me, the primary appeal of using a sub tub is that I have a place to store all of the worksheets I make copies of, but don't actually end up using.  This doesn't happen often, but when it does, I feel so guilty.  Now I can just save these worksheets for when I have a sub.

Inside my sub tub, I have a folder two-pocket pronged folder.  The folder holds an additional copy of the sub plans I provide to the main office, important information about my classes, and rosters for each class.  I am on the fence about including seating charts.  When I subbed, I loved the teachers that included seating charts for my reference, however, I often make changes, and rarely update them.  How helpful can an out-of-date seating chart actually be?

After the folder, I have 9 hanging files.  I have one day for each of my three preps - Geometry, General Geometry, and SAT Prep.  I have a set of worksheets for each day (or at least I will once I make the appropriate copies - I waited to make copies so that I would have the correct amount for this school year).  Also inside each folder is an original copy of the worksheet in a page protector in case the sub has to make additional copies.

One last thing I added this year is a "Sub Tub Index."  This is a Google Doc saved in my school's Google Drive.  Having this index will allow me check what I have in my sub tub from home.  This way I won't be taking a stab in the dark trying to explain to the sub (or my department chair) which emergency plans to do (assuming I have the opportunity to direct which sub plans to execute for the day).

I'm so excited about how I re-vamped my emergency sub plans for this year that I made a video as a virtual tour of everything that is in my Sub Tub.

My 2017-2018 Classroom Tour

Everything is not perfect yet, and it may never be.  I'm totally okay with that.  Check out my classroom tour from the first day of school this year.

Geometry INB 2017-2018 - Unit 10

Here is my table of contents for reference.  I forgot to photograph the unit self-assessment.  This unit was unit 2 last year, but this year I'm pushing it back to unit 10.

For the pages in this unit, the booklet cover depicts the directions for the construction (using a flat compass - so you may need to tweak the directions if you use a regular compass), and the inside has space for students to practice the construction.  Since the orientation of the pages change, I had to compile each part of the pages as a separate files.
File Names:  1-INB1-Cover-EquiTri & 1-INB1-Inside

File Names:  1-INB2-Cover-PerpBis & 1-INB2-Inside

File Names:  2-INB2-Cover-AngBis & 2-INB1-Inside

File Names:  2-INB2-Cover-PerpLines & 2-INB2-Inside

File Names:  4-INB1-Cover-Square & 4-INB1-Inside

File Names:  4-INB2-Cover-Hexagon & 4-INB2-Inside

File Names:  4-INB3-Cover-Triangle & 4-INB3-Inside

File Name:  5-INB

File Names: 6-INB1-Cover & 6-INB2-Cover

File Name:  7-INB

Pages shown are available for download here.

Friday, September 8, 2017

Geometry INB 2017-2018 - Unit 9

Just for reference, here is my table of contents and self-assessment from this unit.  Please note that last year's unit 10 will be this year's unit 9.

File Name:  1-INB

File Name:  2-INB

These pages have changed to two separate pages.  File Names:  3-INB & 4-INB

File Name:  5-INB

File Name:  6-INB

File Name:  7-INB

File Name:  8-INB

File Name:  9-INB

Pages shown are available for download.

Thursday, September 7, 2017

Geometry INB 2017-2018 - Unit 8

My table of contents and unit self-assessment are shown above for reference.  Please note that last year's unit 9 is this year's unit 8.

File Name:  1-INB

The page on the left is available for download.  (File Name:  2-INB)  The page on the right is a card sort and it is available for purchase from my TPT store.

File Name:  3-INB

These pages have been changed for next year and are now two separate pages instead of one page.  File Names:  4-INB & 5-INB

File Name:  6-INB

File Name:  7-INB

I gave my students this page to complete as a Do Now.  File Name:  8-DN

File Name:  8-INB

I also gave this page as a Do Now.  File Name:  9-DN

File Name:  9-INB

Pages shown except where mentioned above are available for download here.

My Classroom Tour #SundayFunday

This week's #SundayFunday prompt is to do a classroom tour.    I love classroom tours!  I made mine as a video at the beginning of th...