Sunday, December 31, 2017

My 40 HTWC Experience

As of yesterday, I am officially a graduate of the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek  Club.  The club is a big investment, and I've heard from other teachers interested in the club, but not sure if the club is worth the money.  I can not definitively say if the club will work for you or not, but I can share my experience of the past year.

In November, I shared a video of my experience on my YouTube channel.  Initially, I wanted to write out a post for my blog, but since it's still winter break, I'd rather add an update and spend the time with my family.  Here's the link to my video:

Now that it is winter break, and my year is complete, I was able to accomplish something I never thought possible.  For the first time in my 6 years of teaching, I was able to do nothing work related over winter break.  I put in the work the week prior to break.  I have a routine that I previously blogged about in place that keeps me a week ahead.  I forced myself to maintain this routine despite everything else going on, I used a to do list from the club to organize my week, I was able to accept a minimum viable product (a good, not perfect project outline), and I even completed my household chores.  With the club, I was encouraged to try to reach this goal because I saw other teachers share their successes.  I'm empowered to give this strategy a try again this up-coming school week.  I hope that I can begin to take my weekends back.

The 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club is accepting new members now through January 9th.  If the experience that I shared helped you decide to join, please include my name in your referral information - Brianne Beebe; email:

**This post is NOT sponsored.  All thoughts and opinions shared in the video and in this post are my own.

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