Friday, August 11, 2017

Geometry Activities

In the 40 Hour Teacher Workweek Club, Angela Watson gave us a list of things that we can accomplish to reduce stress when we return to school in the fall.  One of those things was to make a list of all the activities we had for each unit we teach.

As I did this, I realized about one unit into it, it would make much more sense to type the list so I could change it later.  I continued to write everything out anyway because it was relaxing, kind of like using an adult coloring book.

Then I realized, it would be even more beneficial to type the list and share it with other teachers.  Then I realized that not just sharing the list, but also linking to everything would be really helpful.  So below is my list of the activities I've curated for Geometry over the last five years.  Some of these I used only once, some of these I've used every year since finding it, and some of these are recent purchases that I haven't had a chance to try out.  Many of these are items for sale on Teachers Pay Teachers.  I am linking everything I use that is available online, but I am not in anyway sponsored to write this post.  I simply want to share what I have used/will be using to help other Geometry teachers that do not know where to start.  (There are a few things missing because I made my own resources out of copyrighted material that I cannot share online.)  Many items are new purchases because I went a little nuts during the TPT back to school sale.

* = paid TPT item
+ = my paid TPT item
# = new item that I have not yet used
% = link directs to Mrs. Newell's Math classroom activities page (instead of giving a link directly to the activity)

Introduction to Geometry
-Gallery Walk %
-Segment & Angle Postulates Super Secret Number Puzzle *
-Finding Angle Measures Task Cards *
-Angle Pair Relationships Task Cards #*
-Angle Pair Relationships Scavenger Hunt *
-Angle Pair Relationships Scavenger Hunt %
-Angle Pair Relationships Math Lib #*
-Angle Pair Relationships Maze - Finding Angle Measures #*
-Angle Pair Relationships Maze - Solving Equations #*
-Parallel Lines Scavenger Hunt *
-Parallel Lines Super Secret Number Puzzle *
-Parallel Lines Math Lib *
-Parallel Lines Maze %
-Parallel Lines Coloring Activity #*
-Parallel Lines Maze - Identifying Angle Pairs #*
-Parallel Lines Maze - Finding Angle Measures #*
-Parallel Lines Maze - Solving Equations #*
-Parallel Lines Relay Race #*
-Isosceles Triangles Super Secret Number Puzzle (great for a challenge) *
-Isosceles & Equilateral Triangles Task Cards #*
-Angles of Triangles Maze, Riddle, & Coloring Page (great for remediation) *
-Angles of Triangles Scavenger Hunt #*
-Triangle Inequality Super Secret Number Puzzle *
-Triangle Inequalities Discovery Activity *
-Inequalities in Triangles Task Cards *
-Triangle Inequality Theorem Coloring Activity *
-Triangle Midsegments Math Lib *

-Identifying Congruence Transformations Card Sort+
-Line & Rotational Symmetry Discovery Activity
-Transformations Task Cards *
-Transformations Scavenger Hunt *
-Transformations Logo Project *

Triangle Proofs
-Line & Angle Proof Properties Scavenger Hunt *
-Congruent Triangle Postulates/Theorems Task Cards *
-Congruent Triangle Postulates/Theorems Sorting Activity *
-Proofs in Seven Days *
-Geometry Proofs Task Cards Bundle *
     Bundle Includes:
     -Algebraic Proof Task Cards
     -Introductory Geometry Proofs Task Cards
     -Parallel Lines Proofs Task Cards
     -Congruent Triangle Proofs Task Cards

-Parallelograms Maze %
-Parallelograms Partner Activity *
-Special Parallelograms Task Cards *
-Special Quadrilaterals Sometimes, Always, Never #*
-Rectangles Maze %
-Quadrilaterals Properties True/False Activity #*
-Quadrilaterals Stations Activity #%
-Quadrilaterals Coloring Activity *
-Quadrilaterals Task Cards %
-Quadrilaterals Task Cards #*
-Quadrilaterals Scavenger Hunt #*
-Trapezoids Scavenger Hunt *

-Similar Polygons Color by Number #%
-Similar Triangles Relay Race #*
-Similar Polygons Card Sort #*
-Indirect Measurement Partner Experiment
-Similar Figures Math Lib *
-Similar Triangle Proofs Card Sort+
-Similarity Task Cards *

Right Triangles
-Simplifying Radicals Maze *
-Pythagorean Theorem Riddle (great for remediation) *
-Pythagorean Theorem Math Lib #*
-Special Right Triangles Task Cards *
-Special Right Triangles Color by Number #%
-Special Right Triangles Mazes #*

-Similar Right Triangles Sort & Solve +
-Trig Ratios Maze *
-Trig Ratios Task Cards *
-Identifying Trig Ratios Card Sort +
-Finding Sides Coloring Activity *
-Trigonometry Mazes #*
-Trigonometry Math Lib #*

-Area Project *
-Volume of Prisms Task Cards #%

Coordinate Geometry
-Slope of Parallel & Perpendicular Lines Inquiry Activity
-Slope of Parallel & Perpendicular Lines Card Sort +
-Distance & Midpoint Formula Super Secret Number Puzzle *
-Plan a City Project #*

-Angles in Circles Scavenger Hunt *
-Segment Lengths in Circles Task Cards #*
-Arc Lengths & Sectors Mazes #*

General Resources
-Geometry Warm-Ups *
-Angles & Algebra Worksheet (great for sub plans) *

Activity Notes:
My students generally enjoy the "Math Lib" activities.  As they go through the stations I set up in my classroom, they write out a silly story.  Math Lib downloads usually include an editable Power Point version where you can change the names of the teachers to teachers in your school or any other element of the story.  Some students tolerate the mazes, other like them because they are more motivating than a worksheet.  I love mazes because they are easy to check.

What are your go-to Geometry activities?

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