Monday, August 7, 2017

Weekly Lesson Plans

Let me just start by making this clear:  My school district does not require us to submit lesson plans.  The plans I create are for me and my co-teacher.

My school uses Google everything, so each teacher has their own Google Drive.  Starting this past year (at week 21), I kept my weekly plans in Google Drive.  I made a folder titled "Weekly Plans."  In this folder I have a sub-folder for each course I teach.  I title each week by number.  For example, "Geo Plans Week 21" for my 21st week of Geometry.  I prefer digital lesson planning because it is so much easier to make changes than it is on paper.

Today I am sharing my template for my weekly lesson plans.  If you want to see what I use, check it out here.  If you want to use or tweak the template for your own use, go to File>Make a copy...  This will save a copy to your Google Drive.

For each day of the week, I write in the topic of the lesson, the objective, and the standard.  For the "Introduction" I write the topic(s) of the Do Now for that day.  Under "Activities" I write out what we're doing in the order that we are doing them.  For "Assessment/Closure" I write in how I plan to close the lesson, or more often how I plan to assess the lesson.

Here are two examples of what a completed week looks like:
For any day that I end up not teaching during the week (conference day, snow day, sub day, no school day, etc.), I gray out the full day, note what was going that day, and if there are sub plans, I usually just put "worksheet" for the activity.

I like using this lesson template because it is so easy to share with my co-teacher, and I don't need my flash drive to plan, I can use my school-issued Chromebook.  What I miss about using Word is that its overall appearance was less clunky than the Google Doc and it had the fonts that I love.

How do you plan your lessons each week?

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