Geometry Activities

Follow the links provided to learn more about the activities described and how I implemented them in my classroom:

Transformations Unit 

Line & Rotational Symmetry:  Students use patty paper and 360 degree protractors to determine the line and rotation symmetry of polygons.

Similarity Unit

Similar Triangles - The Mirror Problem:  Students use their heights and a mirror on the floor to determine how far away their partner needs to stand to be able to see each other in a mirror.

Measurement/Solids Unit

Area of a Home Project:  This project was implemented with my General Geometry class.  This is class is for students that are not on-level for the Regents Geometry course.  This is a project that you may want to do with middle school students or high school students that need a confidence boost.

Play-Doh Cross Sections:  Just like the name suggests, students determine the cross-sections of three-dimensional shapes using Play-Doh.


Locus Activity:  Students discover basic locus theorems using m&m's.

Review Game:  Grudgeball is becoming one of those classic classroom games.  Read about how I play this game in my classroom (adaptable for any unit of study), and follow the link to the original post about the game.

 TPT Geometry Activities

Follow the links provided to view the items in my TpT store.

Identifying Transformations Card Sort

Similar Triangles Card Sort

Similar Right Triangles Sort & Solve

Identifying Trig Ratios Card Sort

Slopes of Parallel & Perpendicular Lines Cards Sort

Card Sorts Bundle

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