Saturday, October 13, 2018

My 2018-2019 Goals

In regards to my blog, I have one simple goal:  to post monthly.  I would also like to post a new TPT product monthly, and to upload two videos each month to my YouTube channel.  I feel that it is important to post these goals.  I feel like just speaking them out into the universe makes them more achievable.  I think it's a "mind over matter" kind of thing.

My School Goals:
#1 - Survive
New baby (3 months old now), 5 preps (2 of which are new), erratic schedule.  Yes, as a basis, I simply need to survive this school year.

#2 - Be present with my students (leave my "problems at home")
This is the goal that I've been crushing.  I have been thoroughly enjoying teaching this year.  I think I have just been able to compartmentalize everything going on in my life very well.  I keep busy at school and give myself little time to miss my little boy.  I focus 100% on my students when they're in my presence, and during that time I don't think about how much I miss my kitty that recently passed.  I have thrown myself completely into my teaching while I'm at school, and I'm working on focusing on my mom/wife role while I'm home.

I am determined to give my students the best teacher version of myself, and so far I have been living up to this goal.  My students have given me the feedback that I am happy all the time.  I am just hoping that I can keep this up as the year goes on and that I don't lose energy in the winter like I typically do.

#3 - Intentionally Create Connections
I tend to build relationships with my students naturally.  But since I just let it happen naturally, I don't reach as many students as I think I can.  Yes, I know that I will never be able to build a relationship with every single student, but that doesn't mean I can't try.  I spent the whole first week of school working on building relationships with my students, and I intend to continue working to build relationships with students throughout the school year.

#4 - Be fearless
I explained a little about this in my previous post.  Fearless is my one word for this school year.  I am determined to fearless try new things and implement changes in my classroom, especially if they are out of my comfort zone.

#5 - Improve Questioning
This is on my list every year.  I still have yet to make any real headway on this goal.  One improvement I've made is asking my students "what questions do you have?" instead of "does anyone have questions?"  This is a trick someone shared on Instagram.  (Unfortunately, it was months ago now, and I have no idea who posted about it.)  By asking "what questions do you have?," I am assuming that my students have questions and am inviting them to ask away.

#6 - Read pedagogical books
I would love to read a pedagogical book monthly, but let's get real.  I'd be lucky to get any reading done right now.  Once things start to wind down a little (usually after winter break), I want to read at least two pedagogical books during the school year.  My struggle is that I do all of my reading over summer break, but I always forget about what I read once the school year starts.  So I end up implementing very little of what I read.  My hope is that reading during the year will allow me to change my habits for the better.

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