Thursday, August 13, 2015

2014-2015 Geometry INB Unit 4 (Transformations)

Here is unit 4...

The pocket page and table of contents.

Here's the unit self-assessment and notes on translations.

The notes of translations continued and reflections notes.  I gave the students small pieces of graph paper to graph the transformations.

My rotations page is the same as last year.  The graph shown is attached with a brad so students can rotate the graph and discover the rotation rules.  This method for discovering rotations was very helpful.  Students would draw out the coordinate plane on their papers when they couldn't use their notebooks, and rotate their notebooks to remind themselves of the rotations rules.

These pages are the rotations notes continued and compositions of transformations notes. 

We summarized the unit with properties of rigid motions.

Posting this unit reminds me that this year I will have to completely overhaul this unit.  It's so sad because I had teaching this unit down to a science, but now I'm supposed to teach transformations out of the coordinate plane.  However, I think I'm going to follow the cue of another Geometry teacher and teach transformations both on and off the coordinate plane.  I'm hoping this will help students connect the transformations they learned in 8th grade with the transformations they need to learn in 10th grade.

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