Sunday, August 25, 2013

Easy Homework Pass

This is another idea I adapted from The Nest Effect/The Learning Effect.  (Here is the original post.)  I assign homework every night (except after a test).  I wanted to reward the students that consistently complete their homework, so I incorporated homework passes.  I'm tough.  I only give homework passes to students that have perfect homework for entire marking periods.  Many students complained that this was an impossible feat, yet I'd have at least 8 students earn a homework pass every marking period.  I gave students that had perfect homework for the entire school year a king size Hershey's chocolate bar.

Like Tiffany, I made my homework passes for free on Vista Print.  I just had to pay for shipping.  Prior to distributing the homework passes, I write the student's name on the back and the date that I hand it out.  Students turn in their homework pass on a day that they did not complete their homework, and I give them full credit.  When I receive the homework pass, I rip it in half and throw it out so that it cannot be re-used.

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