Monday, September 2, 2013

10 Reasons I am Thrilled to be a Second Year Teacher

#1:  Now that I have one full year of regular teaching under my belt, I no longer feel the need to go into a long explanation of my years of subbing and leave replacements, and that this isn't actually my first year (but it kind of is).

#2:  I know where things are in my school building.

#3:  My classroom is set up.  Last year was painful as I tried to organize and declutter the classroom I inherited.  This summer's goals were to refine the systems I had in place last year, and the overall layout of my room.

#4:  I know what I'm teaching, and I have scope and sequences that I created for the courses that I teach.  They need to be tweaked, but I have an overall plan for the entire school year.   A huge difference from last year when I had no idea what I was teaching for one of my courses.

#5:  I know the people that I'm working with.

#6:  I know the school climate, I know some of the students that I will have this year, and I know to expect some of the things that surprised me last year.

#7:  I have an idea of the upcoming work load, and I have a plan for a routine for this school year.

#8:  I get to try using Interactive Notebooks this year.  Now that I'm in the process of integrating Interactive Notebooks, I know that I was right in suspecting that it would have been too much work for me last year.  In fact, it would have been impossible and an utter failure. 

#9:  I'm not the only one anymore.  This summer I've found fellowship in following other blogs, joining Twitter and participating in chats, and joining the Global Math Department.  In my school I am the only math teacher teaching my courses.  Being a part of these online communities make me feel less alone.

#10:  I'm ready.  While some of my fellow teachers were writing syllabi and fixing their websites, I was copying materials and planning for the second week of instruction.  I spent most of my summer getting ready for this school year, and I definitely feel that it has paid off.  I feel so much more comfortable with where I am in my planning, and I don't have the same overall panicked feeling I had last year because I am prepared.

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