Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Exploring MTBos Post #5

So, I sort of skipped mission #4.  Not intentionally.  It's just that it is very difficult for my busy body self to sit down and dedicate an entire hour to doing nothing but listening.  I will do it.  Eventually.  Just not anytime in the next few days.

I've already discussed my initial feelings about Twitter in Exploring MTBos Post #2.  However, at the time I only touched upon Geometry Chat (#geomchat).  Geometry Chat is my absolute favorite reason for using Twitter.  Like I said before, I work in a small school, so it's great having the opportunity to connect with other Geometry teachers.

I have learned so much from participating in Geometry Chat.  It is so reassuring to hear that other teachers have the same problems as I do.  We have also found some awesome solutions.  I love being able to share with other teachers, and that what I have to say is considered and valued, not dismissed just because I'm a newer teacher.

Tonight's Geometry Chat wasn't as fast-paced as it normally it is. Our moderator was tied up at work, and so there was a lull in the conversation.  I learned about tasks and found some great resources from the other participants, so I met my objective by participating.   

For me, Geometry Chat starts at my bed time (9 pm because of my commute), so I'm usually pretty tired during the chat.  This is the only disadvantage of Geometry Chat.


  1. Your comment about missing mission 4 made me laugh. I only managed to sit for half an hour.

  2. I skipped Mission #4 too. But I was proud of myself for making the time for a twitter chat this week, although I missed the #geomchat I was aiming for. Hopefully I'll see you there next week!


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