Sunday, January 11, 2015

Home Office Tour

I'm not a resolutions person.  Not for New Year's at least.  It's always bothered me that if someone knows how to improve or that an improvement is needed that they can wait until January 1st of the next year before making a move.  What I love about resolutions however is all of the sales on office supplies, organizational supplies, gym equipment, workout gear, etc.  I decided to take advantage of these sales.

The sales combined with time off from work and the opportunity presented by having to almost completely dismantle my home office to accommodate my giant Christmas tree gave me the idea to refresh and reorganize my home office space.

I was inspired by this pin on Pinterest.  The shelf is from Hobby Lobby, which is currently my favorite store.  However, when I got to the store I was not thrilled with the price (even at 50% off) and the overall appearance of the shelf.  The wooden shelf is unfinished wood, and the hardware is purposely worn and cracking.  I hate that.  When I buy something brand new, I want it to look brand new.

I decided to improvise, and I purchased a plain shelf.  I'd actually been looking for a shelf to hang over my desk to get some of the decorative clutter off the desk.  While shopping for baskets to organize my closet, I had the idea to just hang wire baskets under the shelf .  The pro is getting the look that I liked, the con was not having drawers.  (I also lost out on not having the hooks under the shelf, but I don't need them anyway.)  After mulling the idea over while waiting for the baskets to go on sale, I decided to go for it.

The most exciting part of the makeover was the last second decision to move the desk so that it is nestled in the corner next to the bookshelf that was already there.  Unfortunately I don't have a 'before' photo to share.  Just trust me when I say that so much space was being wasted by the original desk placement.  I put my laminator and selphy printer on top of the book case.  Before I had some decorations on top of the bookshelf, and with the bookshelf being just under the window, it became a place for my cats to sit and knock the decorations over.  Now they avoid the top of the bookshelf.

I'm using the shelf above the desk to keep some of the decorative clutter off of the desk.  I'm using the baskets to keep the things that were thrown in the desk drawer easily accessible.  (One basket is for all of the notepads I've accumulated, and the other is for all of my interactive notebook supplies.)  This space is still a work in progress.  I might add a few more organizational things to it, but it's perfect for now.  I was able to place a small stack of drawers between the desk and the wall.  Having the drawers there give us a place to keep our laptops when we're not using them so they don't have to be left on top of the desk.  I'm really striving for a clutter-free desk so I can concentrate better on work when I'm home.  I also took advantage of the time I had to re-organize my drawers.

The extra space that I gained gave me almost an entire wall to use.  I bought a bookshelf from Target.  (It's Closet Maid brand.)  What I love about it is that the shelves can be changed.  This is the perfect bookshelf to accommodate my binder collection.

I also re-organized these drawers (that are one either side of the new bookshelf) as well.

I was able to use this bookshelf to free up some space being used around the apartment and to move all of my papercrafting supplies closer to my desk.  I put the printer on top of the book case.  I was a little disappointed that I was not able to put the printer closer to my desk.  That is until my husband came up with the brilliant idea of nestling the little table that used to be for the printer between these two small benches we have against our accent wall.  (Not pictured.)

I am absolutely loving this new setup. 

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