Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Here's What...

I've been unable to blog for months.  It's been killing me.  I've had so much to share, and couldn't. 

At first I was completely unmotivated to blog.  This lasted for 3 weeks.  But then, when I had something worth sharing, I was too busy.  Then I was silenced. 

I received an email from a company (at least I think it's a company) that I've never heard of (and that no one I asked had ever heard of) claiming copyright infringement because of my blog's original title.  I changed my title well over a year ago because it no longer fit my goal for the blog (I went from blogging for secondary teachers in general -because everything is for elementary teachers -and then decided to blog more specifically about math).  (I thought the original title was kind of cheesy anyway.)

The most frustrating part was being treated like I'd intentionally done something wrong when I had no idea that anyone had ever used that name before.  I sincerely felt that the message was bullying.  Now at this point, I know that I was probably taking this more personally than I was supposed to, but this was how I was feeling when it happened. 

Until I was able to go back and edit every picture that had the original blog title referenced in it, I refrained from blogging to avoid legal problems.  I simply didn't have time to sit and go through every post and edit every photo and re-post every post. 

Today was the first day of state exams, and our first day without students.  Therefore, today was my first day to come home and have nothing that needs to be done for tomorrow.  (This part of the school year is so glorious.)  So tonight, I sat down and edited all the photos that had the original title in them.  So now if you were to go through my original posts, you may notice that the photos have splotches to cover up the title.  I hate the way it looks, but there was no other way to edit the photos without cropping them, re-framing them, and then re-adding the text.  Ugh.

The good news is that I can finally start blogging again.  I have plenty of posts sitting in my drafts, and plenty of posts that I've been wanting to write.  I'm glad that I've overcome this small hurdle and can now move on.  

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