Monday, January 11, 2016

20 Minute Challenge

This post falls under the "Taking Care of Me" theme from my last post.

I hate clutter.  It prevents me from being productive, and distracts me from what needs to get to done.  I tried to eradicate it as much as I could over winter break.  I made progress in my kitchen.  (I still need to go through my cabinets though.)  I made progress with putting away holiday decor.   I made progress in our hallway closet, and I made major progress in my craft area.

The one area where I still need to de-clutter and re-organize is my desk/office area.  This is a little more difficult now that I'm back at work.  I come home and I want to exercise and relax, but I also need to get some work done. (Our mid-year self-evaluation is due this Friday!)  I also need to eat dinner, clean up the daily kitchen mess, etc.  With my work schedule I come home and have about three-and-a-half hours to get everything done before I start getting ready for bed.

Enter my 20 minute challenge.  Every day this week, I am going to come home, and set aside 20 minutes to work on something.  My schedule is listed below.  I will have 20 minutes, and 20 minutes only to complete the task of the day.  By giving myself this time limit, I am pressuring myself, and I move a lot faster that I would without a time limit.  (I noticed that this worked for me when I do laundry, and take the time I have while my load is washing or drying to complete a task.  When I'm really energetic, I like to complete as many tasks as I can in that period of time.)

Monday:  Desk surface and office area surfaces
Tuesday:  Paper clutter and mail
Wednesday:  Desk drawer
Thursday:  Kitchen cabinets

Hopefully, completing these tasks will help be more productive overall when I'm home.  (So I don't end up working on the couch and watching TV because the desk area is too cluttered.)

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