Sunday, August 21, 2016

My 2016-2017 Teacher Planner [#MTBoSBlaugust]

It's #MTBoSBlaugust 2016!  I'm challenging myself to blog daily throughout August, and you can too.  Join the fun!

I've always liked the idea of teacher planners, but I would always get mad when I looked for one and could only find planners appropriate for elementary teachers.  Then I learned that teachers make their own planners and use all different kinds of binding systems.  My favorite was the Arc Notebook System sold at Staples because you could add, remove, or rearrange any of the pages.  I loved this idea because I enjoy making my own everything, but I didn't have a real need for a teacher planner notebook.  

I used a 3" three-ring binder.  I kept everything in this binder.  I had 5 sections:  1 for Geometry handouts and assessments, 1 for Geometry weekly plans, 1 for Contemporary Math handouts and assessments, 1 for the Contemporary Math weekly plans, and 1 miscellaneous section for all of the school stuff I wanted at my fingertips.  This system worked well for me, but last year I was given a third prep, and my sections were all thrown off.  I kept my weekly plans in separate folders (one folder for each prep), and kept all of the handouts and assessments in the big binder.  Since I now had folders and a big binder to lug back and forth to school, I started leaving the binder at school and taking only the folders back and forth.  This worked okay, but I eventually got tired of having 3 separate folders.

Then Sarah Carter reminded me about the Arc Notebook System when she posted that she was making her own planner.  It gave me the push I needed to try my own.

Here is a brief walk-through of how I set up my planner:

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