Monday, January 2, 2017

Geometry Teacher Timesaver

As a Geometry teacher, I find that creating worksheets, notes, tests, quizzes, etc.  is even more difficult for me than other teachers because of all of the symbols that are needed.  Anytime you need an angle symbol, degree symbol, congruent symbol, etc., it takes a few mouse clicks and oftentimes some scrolling to get the symbol added to your document.  I've found different shortcuts in past few years, but there are so many methods to remember.  Today while typing an assignment I decided to play with my favorite shortcut, and found out that it worked for more than just the shortcut I was using.

I use Microsoft Word to create my documents.  Before using any of these shortcuts, you need to change one of the default settings.  After you open a new document, go to "File" and click on "Options."

Once your options come up, click "Proofing."

When the proofing menu comes up, click on the "Auto Correct Options" button.

Under the Auto Correct menu, click on "Math AutoCorrect" and then click in the box to "Use Math AutoCorrect rules outside of math regions."  You will have to repeat this process anytime you start working on a new computer.  (For example, I recently purchased a new computer and had to recall this process.  Also, my school resets the computers every summer, so I have to do this at the start of each year.)

Once you turn the Math AutoCorrect setting on, you're good to go.  You need to use the forward slash key (located under the backspace key), and the symbol will appear once you hit the space bar.  The big change here is that you can add many symbols without your finger tips having to leave your keyboard, and this ends up being a time saver.  (For me, every time I use my mouse pad, I have to realign my fingers on the keyboard because my fingers don't always go back to the home keys.  I'm thinking in the long run all the seconds I waste moving my hands to and from the keyboard will add up to save time.)

Here's a list of my most frequently used symbols:
Download a printable copy here!

Now the only symbols I need to do extra clicking to incorporate are for naming lines, segments, and rays.  If you need symbol that is not listed, take a look at the list under the "Math AutoCorect" tab.  You'll most likely find it there.  What other symbols do you frequently use as a Geometry teacher?  Keep the list going in the comments below.

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  1. Thanks for the post, that is excellent to know. You are exactly correct about how awkward it becomes to type in math symbols. Thanks again.


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