Monday, July 31, 2017

What's New?

I have been slowly, but surely over-hauling my blog since this spring.  I planned to have everything completed by now, but nothing ever seems to go according to plan for me in the summer.

This past spring, I did a re-design of my theme to make it look clean and easier to navigate.  I also changed my header to match my new theme.  Then I made no progress until yesterday.

Yesterday, I finally re-tagged all of my old blog posts.  I had a huge tag cloud, and it was so difficult to navigate.  I read through it once or twice wondering what some of these tags were even referring to.  Instead I chose 12 simple tags to use, and had them arranged as a list.  I like the look of this so much more - neat and orderly.

Today I am introducing my activities page!  (See the top row.)  Instead of having confusing tags to find the activities, I gave them their own page.  I'm so excited to add more activities throughout the year as I implement them.

What's next?  More pages are coming!  If you've followed my blog since the beginning, you may remember the "Printables" page.  My next project is to re-introduce this page.  Also, coming soon............drum roll INB Page!  Not a single page from an INB, but a whole page dedicated to my INB pages!  This will roll out slowly throughout August as I post my INB pages from last school year.  I'm considering other page ideas as well, but these ones are definitely happening.

What else?  Well, this summer I officially started (using) my YouTube channel!  I know it may not seem blog related, but it is.  While blogging, it sometimes becomes apparent to me that something I want to share needs to be shown rather than told.  I'm also excited to start vlogging.  Being part of the Day in the Life project had me wanting to share more, and I think vlogging is the only way for me to accomplish this.  If you follow my blog, you will start to see some of my posts are going to be a video rather than a traditional blog post. 

I'm so excited to try some new things, to improve my blog's overall appearance and utility, and to make my blog richer in terms of content and resources for teachers in the next year.  Stay tuned.

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