Saturday, August 26, 2017

Home Office Organization Game Changer #SundayFunday

This week's #SundayFunday topic is my personal favorite - classroom organization.  Unfortunately, I'm still not in my classroom.  (Everything at my school is behind schedule, hallways are still not waxed, and I just got my schedule on Thursday.)  Teachers are due back Tuesday 8/29, and students are due back 9/6.)  So, I am going to adapt today's post to home office organization.

However, I was planning on doing a classroom organization series when I did return to my room.  I plan to show how I organize absent student work, my desktop paper flow, my lesson materials, my daily paperwork flow, and more.  If you are interested in those posts, make sure you subscribe.  I am also taking requests, so if you want more ideas about organizing your classroom that are not mentioned above, please leave me a message in the comments below.

If you are not already aware, there is a teacher community exploding on Instagram.  I love finding new people to follow, but most teachers are (of course) elementary, but I like to see their photos anyway.
Earlier this month, @EspeciallyEducation posted this photo:

And I was inspired.  The cart shown in the top right corner is available at Michael's for $30 from now until December 31st.  They come in both the white and rainbow versions.  I went for the rainbow version because it makes my heart happy.  The drawers are plenty large to hold anything paper related.  (Inner drawer dimensions are approximately 10.25" wide, 14.25" long, and 2.5" deep.)  I use mine for different types of paper (especially card stock), labels, page protectors, and laminating pouches.

Here is what my cart looks like:

The cart comes with drawer pulls.  I opted to not use them in favor making labels.  I went through my card stock and found the closest matches to the drawer colors as I could, then printed them out, and taped them on the drawer using the packing tape.  The cart also comes with drawer stops.  I also elected not to use these so I could take out the drawer easily anytime I want.

If you want to make a cart with the same lables, I am sharing my file here as an editable Power Point file.  I used the font KG Sorry Not Sorry Chub.

This cart has been a game changer.  Previously these similar items were stored in four different places around my office.  Everything is much easier to find now and the cart adds a beautiful pop of color to my office.

I vlogged the cart assembly and the aftermath of rearranging other items in my office after putting the cart together.  If you are interested, that video is below.

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