Saturday, September 2, 2017

Teacher Wardrobe Hack #SundayFunday

I start school next Wednesday.  This weekend I'm working to prepare for back to school.  So as I hard as I tried, I couldn't think of any teacher hacks to share for #SundayFunday.  However, I did just film a video about a teacher outfit hack.  So two birds, meet one stone.

Sorry, but this is really just for the ladies.  I often wear camis under my shirts to ensure coverage.  However, full camis can become cumbersome, especially in the warmer months.  The solution?  Cropped camis.  I bought some a few years ago, and now they are quite worn out.  When searching for new cropped camis, I never found any that met my criteria (spaghetti straps, full coverage, comfortable), so I finally realized that I could make my own using the cheap Forever 21 camis.  Watch the video below to see how.


  1. Do these cropped camis ride up at all??

    1. My first day of school is not until Wednesday, so I haven't worn these yet, but I will let you know. :)

    2. After wearing it all day, I can tell you that it did not ride up at all.


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