Sunday, October 29, 2017

My Week in Photos #SundayFunday

This week's Sunday Funday prompt is to share a photo of the week.
I'm cheating a little bit.  As much as I love blogging, I've been too busy to give it any attention.  I hate when this happens, and I always want to continue blogging consistently, but I'm starting to accept that this is just a reality of teaching.

Anyway, last year I started an Instagram account just for all of my teacher related posts.  This year I have been keeping up with my Instagram much better than my blog.  So instead of sharing just one photo from the week, I decided to share my week of Instagram photos instead.

I post daily Monday through Friday on Instagram.  I have been posting an outfit of the day, and a #teach180 post.  For #teach180 I like to share activities that we did, or pages we added to our interactive notebooks, or just some random tidbit from the day.  Last week I also started sharing a #ClassroomCloseup every Wednesday to show a part of my classroom in greater detail.

This year I've been enjoying using Instagram as a teacher, and I've found so many great teachers to follow.  I've also found so many great ideas and resources.  And while I love the teacher community we've formed on Twitter, Instagram is much more appealing to me.

If you want more details about the photos above, or want to keep with my daily teacher activity, follow me @busymissbeebe.

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  1. Love how you are connecting to your peeps and how much you are sharing on a platform that fits for you! Good idea! Love the Failure quote. Giving it to Ss Monday!


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