Thursday, December 27, 2012

Buy Now!

I absolutely love these organizers.  First of all, they're cute.  Second of all, they're only $1.00!  What's not to like?  Okay, so they are somewhat cheaply made.  Stock up (they're only $1.00!) , and treat them kindly.  Target brings these back every now and then in the dollar section.  They are five section dividers.  Five sections, five classes.  It makes perfect sense for me. 

I use two in regular rotation.  One to bring home work to grade (one section for each class with color coded labels, of course).  The other one I use to bring back and forth other papers I don't want loose in my bag.  I don't have the tabs labeled yet because I like flexibility (although I did somehow end up with extra labels).  The sections I have now are things to print from work, things to copy, things to file, and things to hang.  

If these make sense for your organization scheme, get them!  They are only available for a short time.  Right now there's three sizes.  I picked up a medium size one that has 13 sections.  I don't have an assigned use for it yet, but I know that it will come in handy.  Check these out.

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