Monday, March 25, 2013

Live Binders

I definitely have an obsession with organization.  I also happen to love convenience.  Everyone should have their bookmarks saved online so that they can be accessed from everywhere (especially when your line of work often requires you to use different computers).

In the past, I used delicious and diigo.  I liked them both, but did not have the freedom to organize my bookmarks the way I wanted.  Enter  LiveBinder lets you create different "binders" to organize your bookmarks as tabs.  It even lets you save multiple subtabs to further organize your bookmarks.  They also have "shelves" to organize your binders on.  If you're an organization nerd like me, LiveBinder is the bookmark organizer you've been looking for.

My current LiveBinders:
NCTM Articles
Common Core
General Math Resources
Geometry Resources
Favorite Blogs 

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