Sunday, July 21, 2013

APPR Evidence Binder

This past year was my first, and having to go through an APPR process where no one really knew what was going on, and no one could completely advise me was difficult.  The whole entire thing was a huge learning experience.  My biggest take-away was that I need keep a physical binder.  My school uses Google tools, and they advised us to upload everything into Google Docs.  I sincerely tried.  I was successful for the month of September.

I decided to take a proactive approach, and created an actual binder to use for next year.  I created some simple documents on Microsoft Word and I feel completely at ease going in to the new school year.  What's in my binder?  A calendar (August - June), a parent contact log, a student contact log (for emails), a meetings log, professional collaborations log, a formative assessment checklist,  professional development log, and a reflections log.  I have tons of pockets in my binder so I can add other things as I go.  (For example:  sample email correspondence with parents - I can just print them and place them in my binder.)
I love what I have so far, but I am determined to improve.  I already have another document I want to add.  This is definitely a work in progress.  Any ideas or suggestions?

The file of documents that I've included in my binder are available for purchase in my TPT Store.

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