Wednesday, July 24, 2013

I've finally taken the plunge...

Last week, I did something that I said I would never, ever do.  I joined Twitter.  It was thanks to this blog post here.  I found so many people to follow, I need to scale back and follow less (too many celebrities, I couldn't help myself).  Creating the account has already paid off.  On Friday, I viewed a webinar that was incredibly helpful for implementing common core.  You can follow me @BusyMissBeebe.

I have also committed to start using interactive notebooks this year with my Geometry classes.  Largely thanks to this blog.  We'll see how this goes.  At first I was worried about how my high school students would respond to interactive notebooks, but after browsing some other blogs, I read some positive success stories of incorporating interactive notebooks with high school students.  (I have a couple of seniors enrolled in Geometry this year.)  My next concern was making sure all of my students have notebooks.  It's a difficult subject to broach.  Some students don't care, and others may not be able to afford them.  To that end, I created a project using Donor's Choose to help acquire the necessary supplies to start using interactive notebooks. I've also already purchased 24 notebooks.  I have a real addiction to school supply shopping.  It's definitely a sickness.

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