Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Geometry Curriculum - Take One

FINALLY!  After weeks of agonizing, I am done! With the first draft.  Now I have to update all of my resources, assessments, mathematical practices, and oh yeah, do several more drafts!  (Actually, this was the second draft, I started the first one during the school year, scrapped it, and ultimately just went back and tweaked it.)  I've searched online for weeks for a scope and sequence I could just adjust.  Sadly, one did not exist.  However, I did see many interesting things that have me thinking more about my own.

Here are some of the things I'm pondering:
  • Perhaps units 1 and 2 should be switched.  Like the old curriculum I had?  Yes.  But the standards would make more sense.  (Right now I have kids proving things without knowing about Geometric reasoning.)  The thing that really bugs me about the "Geometric Reasoning" unit is that there are no standards to directly address it.  Too bad it's kind of necessary.
  • How do I teach transformations?  Like always:  translations, reflections, then rotations with all of the standards going for each sub-topic at once?  Or do I teach each standard and develop translations, reflections, and rotations.  Idealistically I want to follow the standards.  Realistically my kids will probably behead me if I do.
  • Trapezoids and kites.  Do they stay or do they go?  Standards only address parallelograms, but how can students differentiate between parallelograms and non-parallelograms without these examples?
  • Pythagorean Theorem does not appear until unit 9 although there are definite applications from the beginning.  However, Pythagorean Theorem is usually the only thing kids remember from 8th/9th grade.  I think it will stay where it is.
  • I'm disobeying my state's ideal for length of time spent on modules.  I can justify module 1; I've integrated topics from module 4 (Plus Geometric Reasoning.).  Module 2 is supposed to be 45 days; my module 2 is 20-something.  My mistake or theirs?  
  • In speaking of module 4, where is it?  I might as well integrate the entire module elsewhere.  To me it makes no sense to hold off on coordinate plane applications until the very end when students could use it sooner to gain a better/deeper understanding right off the bat.  Am I right?  I know I'm right.
  • Lateral and surface area, where art thou?  (And spheres?  Additional material, you say?  No further comment.)
  • Constructions of equilateral triangle, square, and regular hexagon inscribed in a circle.  Beginning or end?  Probably back to the beginning, but I like the idea of summing things up at the end (you know, with the circles in their new designated position).
  • The suggested number of days are off, and I'm okay with that.  I think that I'll most likely teach, and then adjust my scope and sequence for next year.
  • Essential questions.  I hate them.  The ones used in my scope and sequence are recycled from last year.  I was hoping to come up with some better ones, but I haven't.  And all of the essential questions I found online when I was looking for samples are not actually essential questions.  (I wish I could have gotten away with essential questions like those when I was in school!)
  • Probability?  In Geometry?  What is this? 
If you're really interested, you can see what I have so far here.
*Disclaimer:  My state is not implementing common core Geometry until the 2014-2015 school year.  I'm just determined to get ahead of the game.  To that end, there are a few topics that have to be removed after the upcoming school year.

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