Sunday, July 28, 2013

My Homework Board

This year I am thrilled to get started on setting up my classroom for a new year.  Last year I had less than a week to clean out the room from the previous inhabitant, and get it ready for the year.  I'll have a before and after and after again post in the next few weeks.  There were so many things that I had to set up as I go.

My favorite thing that I've implemented was my homework board.  I have one wall with marker boards, and another wall with chalk boards.  These two walls are perpendicular to each other.  Unfortunately, my SMART board is fixed to the wall that my chalk board is on.  Determined to not let the marker boards go to waste, and to free my chalk board space, I've made the marker board closest to the front of the room my homework board.

I keep all homework assignments from the week up until the end of the day Friday.  I also had a section of announcements.  I very quickly tired of having to draw lines all over my board to designate space for each day of the week and then find space for announcements, so I organized it.  I printed out labels for each day of the week, a label for announcements, and a label for the objective (not pictured).  I laminated and then taped these on the board, and separated the sections using blue painter's tape.  I know that I could have easily found cuter alternatives (can you believe all the cute patterns that are now available in duck tape?), but I did not want to ruin the surface of the board.

 Here is the final product:
Download your free printable here.

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