Sunday, August 18, 2013

Geometry Timeline

This was an idea I had from when I student taught.  When you review a topic that your previously covered, or when you need to build upon a topic that you previously taught, kids always seem to have a way to be completely dumbfounded.  Then you hear it, "We never learned this!"  I knew that when I started teaching, I wanted to keep track of the things we learned and display it for the students.

This year I set up a Geometry Timeline on my only bulletin board in the classroom.  I kept track of each unit, and the posted the vocabulary and postulates/theorems we learned.  Here is what it looked like:

So here's my reflection:  I did not keep up with it after the seventh unit.  (We had 12 total.)  Which is just as well, because I was clearly about to run out of space.  It became one more thing I had to do, and I was already overwhelmed (you know, first year and all).  There was also so much to include.  I had to use a small font, and it could not be read from across the room.  If I try this again, I am going to simplify it.  This is really not representative of the original idea I had; I think I would want to go with something closer to that if I were to do it again.  I might try this sometime in the future, but this year, I want to do a vocabulary wall to archive our vocabulary words for the year.

My other project is to create more bulletin boards in my classroom.  I hate only having one.  The teacher that had the room before me ordered a ton of foam boards, so I want to use those to somehow create more bulletin boards.  Stay tuned for how that project turns out.

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