Friday, November 29, 2013

Exploring MTBos Post #6

Once upon a time, I used Google Reader.  This was during grad school which was way before I even thought of blogging, using Twitter, and before there even was a MTBos.  So while I thought it was great, I didn't really ever use it because I had no actual need to use it.  Now I see where it would come in handy, and it no longer exists.  (Why did they get rid of it anyway?)

I know this is going to sound weird, but I actually really love going through each individual blog and checking to see if there are any new posts.  I think it's more fun that way.  As an adult, it's the closest I come to running downstairs to see if Santa ate the cookies and left the presents.  However, being as busy as I have been lately (as evidenced by my absence), I can definitely make good use of a reader.  I decided to sign up for InoReader.  I like it so far, I just wish there was an app for it.

For right now, my plan for future professional development is to attend webinars when they interest me.  (I usually attend KDP and ASCD webinars because I'm more interested in what they offer.)  What I love about these webinars is that they are usually few and far between.  This gives me the chance to make plans around them so I can attend without becoming overwhelmed about the other work I have going on.  I also plan to continue attending Geometry Chat on Twitter.  I hope to do more for professional development during the summer, but as I'm thinking about it I don't know how practical that will be while planning, having, and recovering from my wedding. 

I also plan to continue blogging.  I love blogging and getting my ideas down.  I love sharing things with other educators.  I've tried to schedule one blog post a week.  It's definitely gotten away from me though.  Part of it was the MTBos missions that required waiting for something to happen (a Twitter chat or a day to pass).  Mostly it's been my excessive busyness.  I've been waiting for the chance to figuratively breathe.  First we had to complete self-reflections from last year and goals to go with them.  Then we had our SLOs due.  This was absolutely nerve-wracking, especially when I found out that I had to completely change my local SLO three hours before they were due.  So of course once SLOs were done, I was contacted that I would be observed soon and had to fill out the according paperwork.  Now that my observation is done, I have to complete the observation reflection.  I'm praying that once this is done I have an actual break from all of this paperwork and can focus on teaching, blogging, and finding balance in my life. 

The virtual filing cabinet idea is interesting.  I've already been using Live Binder for this, but I often forget to add the resources I find to it.  Now that I'm reflecting on it though, I realize that when I find a resource I like, I often deal with it right away.  If it is a file I can save, I save it.  If it something that I want to print, I print it.  I like taking care of things right away.  It keeps my To-Do list from growing even longer.

No matter how much or how little time I have to explore or participate in MTBos, I look forward to the new ideas I know it will offer in the future.

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  1. Your method is the same as mine - deal with it then and there and then it's done! Saved or printed (or both) so that you don't have to go back and find it in 3 months time. I have never tried InoReader so I will have a look at that to see if it could help me in anyway. Best wishes for your wedding :-)


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