Friday, November 29, 2013

Exploring MTBos Post #7

A Day in My Life - Monday, November 25

4:45 am - Alarm goes off for the first time.

4:54 am - Alarm goes off for the second time.

5:01 am - I finally get out of bed, shower, get ready for work, and eat breakfast.

6:15 am - I leave for work.

6:55 am - I arrive at work.  I among the first teachers there and I succeed in reaching my objective - I'm the first one at the copier.

7:05 am - I sign in and get everything ready for the day.  I check and respond to my emails, I modify my SMART Notebook file for the day, I get everything ready for the Geometry activity, I lay out all of the handouts I need, I update my homework board, my daily objectives, and the date.

8:05 am - The first bell rings and the students start arriving.

8:14 am - A period begins.  I check homework while students complete the Do Now.  We go over the homework together.  We do a proof activity.  The activity takes up most of the class period.  I pass out homework and the make-up quiz I'm giving for Thanksgiving break.  (It turned out that giving them break assignment on Monday was the best thing ever.  We had a snow day on Tuesday.)

8:56 am - A period ends.

9:00 am - B period begins.  B period is one of my preps.  However, during this period I share my classroom with a study hall.  I love having the chance to chit chat with another teacher.  Usually during this period I get a call from another study hall teacher asking if my students can come to my room for extra help.  This day however, I am left in near solitude to get some work done.  This is vital because I have to squeeze a week's worth of work into two days because our week is shortened for Thanksgiving.

9:46 am - C period begins.  This is another Geometry class, so the activity is the same as it was for A period.

10:32 am - D period begins.  This is a Contemporary Math class.  Since we only have 2 days this week before Thanksgiving break, and we finished our last unit on Friday, I promised them a movie day.  We started watching "Stand and Deliver".  While the movie is on, students are finishing work in their portfolios to prepare them for grading.

11:18 am - E period begins.  This is my other prep period.  This period I share my classroom with another math teacher.  It is challenging because even though this teacher is wonderfully gracious in saying that this is my classroom and I can do as like as long as it is not disruptive, I hate running in and out all period.  I try to either stay in the room the whole time doing work quietly in the back or outside of the classroom running around.  I usually eat lunch now because I usually have students come in during my lunch period because it is also their lunch period.  Today, when I go to the faculty room to heat up my lunch, I end up talking to another teacher that answers an email that I sent to her that morning.  I also end up talking to a sub that is currently in school to become a math teacher.  During this time I am also able to call a photographer for my wedding, but I have to leave a message.

12:00 pm - Y-lunch begins.  I go back to my classroom and check emails again.  Students come in and eat their lunch in my classroom.  I have a wonderful group of students that come in.  During this time we either chit chat or get work done, but usually we do both.  Since we are working on proof, I spend some time helping students with their proof homework.   

12:38 pm - F period begins.  This is my last Geometry class of the day.  We do the same activity we did for A and C periods.

1:24 pm - G period begins.  This is my study hall period.

2:10 pm - H period begins.  This is my other Contemporary Math class.  We do the same thing we did for D period.

2:52 pm - H period ends.  I have 8 minutes to clean up my classroom and get all of my things together so I don't spend the next 3 hours with nothing to do.

3:00 pm - PM Program begins.  This year I signed up to stay for 3 hours after school to help the students that are out for OSS when they come in to complete the work that they are missing.  Before PM program begins, I am able to call the photographer back because she called me during a class.  During PM program I am able to complete my lesson plans for the following week while helping the students that were assigned OSS.

6:00 pm - PM program ends.  I make the mistake of not staying late to make copies.  I submit the completed work to teachers' mailboxes and go back to my classroom to get my coat and purse, and finally, I leave.

6:45 pm - I arrive home.  I eat dinner and settle in.

7:10 pm - I finish some other work that I need to get done for the following week.

8:20 pm - Finally done with my work for the day, I brush my teeth and get ready for bed.  I spend some time laying down and unwinding so I can fall asleep.

9:30 ish pm - I finally fall asleep so I can do it all again the next day.  Except the next day is a snow day! :)

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  1. I'm knackered just reading about your day. Sounds busy and interesting - perfect combination in my opinion! Thanks for sharing - keep up the good work :-)


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