Sunday, March 16, 2014

Geometry Interactive Notebook - The Fifth Unit

After weeks of many things simply getting in the way of my blogging, I am finally back.  Moreover, I'm determined to go back to blogging once a week.  Hopefully I am able to meet my goal.  In the next few weeks I'll be posting all of my interactive notebook updates, and a few more general updates as well.  We only have 14 weeks of school left.  I cannot believe it!

My fifth unit was the dreaded proof - congruent triangle proofs to be exact.  I must say that this year definitely turned out better than it did last year.  I know that one major contributing factor was that I had more practice.  The other was that I fearlessly added more days to the unit for practice.  Last year I blazed through the curriculum with the intentions of tying up any loose ends during review.  This year I'm not as worried about saving a whole month and a half for review.  By then the students that were lost all year had basically given up so the review is not helping them all that much anyway.

Since I dedicated much of this unit to practice, I kept the pages very simple.  We started with properties that are used for proof on page 47. 


We identified corresponding parts on pages 48-49.

After a two day activity, (Note to self:  Extend activity to 3 days next year.) we discovered the postulates and theorems that determine triangles are congruent.  We turned them into a little flip book to add to page 50. 

 On pages 51-53 we practiced proofs with the five congruent triangle postulates and theorems.


Our last page for the unit was for the CPCTC theorem.

Overall, this unit was pretty sparse for actual notebook additions.  We did many worksheets this unit to save time on copying problems and diagrams.

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