Sunday, March 23, 2014

Geometry Interactive Notebook - The Sixth Unit

Our sixth unit was properties of triangles.  I kind of liked having this unit follow our unit on Congruent Triangles.  It made it easier not trying to go back and forth between writing proofs and solving for parts of triangles numerically.  I also liked that it gave students a break and the comfort of going back to "normal" math after spending so much time on proofs.

Overall, I kept the notes on this unit fairly simple.  The one day that we did something a little different was when I taught the lesson on the Interior Angle Sum Theorem.  My students came to Geometry already knowing that angles of a triangle add up to 180 degrees, but they did not know why.  We did an informal proof by cutting card stock into triangles.  We traced the triangle into our notebooks and labeled the vertices.  We drew a line on the other side of the page, and arranged the vertices of a triangle to form a line.  I loved doing this activity with the students, it provided a perfect visual, and also laid the foundation for our next lesson - the Exterior Angle Theorem.

My next few pages were very simple.  For these lessons we discussed good note-taking habits because not all teachers will tell students exactly what to write and where to write it.  
The one day that I was able to include a good foldable did not actually happen.  I summarized the points of concurrency into a three-flap-foldable, but that day we had a snow day.  Since we were already in a time-crunch due to multiple snow days and the looming winter break, I did not get to teach the lesson.  I will be going over this in the next few weeks before we begin our review.

The foldable summarized the triangle segment that created the point of concurrency, the name of the point of concurrency, and the location of the point of concurrency.  When I teach these next month, I plan to have students discover them through construction.
That's all for unit 6.  My next unit was polygons and the last for the module on congruence.

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