Saturday, April 12, 2014

Geometry Interactive Notebook - The Ninth Unit

Our ninth unit was on Measurement.  Measurement mostly applies to three-dimensional shapes, but it is necessary to also discuss two-dimensional shapes.  Since this unit requires students to visualize three-dimensional shapes, I think I might move coverage of points, lines, and planes to this unit.  Trying to cover it in the beginning of the year is just tedious when students are not yet in the geometrical frame of mind.  On the other hand, I've been considering moving this whole unit to the beginning of the year because it so dependent upon basic Algebra skills.  I think it would be a good way to ease students into Geometry.  Although it is nice to have this unit toward the middle of the year (beginning of the end really) because it gives students a break from all of the difficult topics we've covered.

This unit requires practice, so most of my focus was on practice worksheets.  The notes for this unit are very basic.
 I forget where I got the area and perimeter handout originally, but I re-formatted the handout so it could be included as a notebook page.
 Then we took notes on lateral areas, volume, and surface area and volume of spheres.
 The most interesting thing we did for this unit was a reference sheet foldable.  The reference sheet our state uses requires editing.  I emphasize that students need to know three changes to make to the reference sheet.  #1:  The volume formula for prisms is not included, I remind them to write it down.  #2:  The volume of a cylinder formula is given as V=Bh, but the base area of a cylinder is always pi times radius squared.  #3:  The volume of a cone formula has the same problem.  They give V=1/3Bh, but the base area needs to be changed to pi times radius squared.  I had students cut the cylinder and cone formulas into flaps so they could write the correct formula underneath.
Overall this unit went well.  The only thing that I would change would be to allow more time for independent practice.  

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