Sunday, April 20, 2014

Individual White Board Update

So my bags of white boards under each student desk only lasted through half of the school year.  Many white boards went missing.  Many markers went missing.  The erasers usually lasted, unless the entire bag went missing.  Then one day when I was leaving school, the custodian came in and as she swept my classroom, I noticed that she was sweeping up my marker board bags and throwing them away!  I was furious.

At this point, I already knew that I could not simply ask my students to make sure they put the bag under the desks before they left.  I'd been asking them to do that all year, and it never really sunk in.  I told my classes about this one morning as I reminded them to deposit their bags under their seats, and a student asked why I didn't just leave the marker boards at the back of the room and have them pick up the items when they came to class.  Originally I was worried that this would be too much of a hassle.  Having a student suggest the idea made me think that it must not be a hassle after all.

It was settled, I trashed the bags, bought new markers, made new white boards, and purchased a photo box.  Here is my new organization system for marker boards:
And so far it's been working great.  It's not too much of a hassle for students to pick up a calculator, handouts, and marker board supplies as I'd originally thought.  They have even been pretty good about putting the marker board supplies back.  The classroom also looks much neater without the marker board bags hanging out from under the desks or on the floor under the desks.  Problem solved!

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