Saturday, July 26, 2014

Not Slacking, I Swear

I have not been slacking.  I swear it.  So far this summer, I have accomplished nothing for school that I'd planned.  Except for this:
And I did get to read a few pages of "Teach Like A Champion" (which I have been working on for almost two years now).

But I promise that I have a very good reason.  I'm kind of going through a big life change right now.  Last week I got married.
Now that the wedding, wedding planning, and honeymoon is over, I'm in the process of condensing two apartments into one.  I anticipate this taking one more week.  In August, I am one hundred percent focusing on back to school stuff.  So instead of slowly turning out a few blog posts here and there, I will be posting a whole slew of them in the next month.


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