Saturday, August 9, 2014

Geometry Interactive Notebook - The Tenth Unit

I know, this is crazy late.  I'd rather post very late than not at all, so here is the tenth unit of study from the 2013-2014 school year:  Circles.

Sadly I didn't use many foldables this unit.  (It was a busy, overwhelming time for me.)  I had students glue down the plus and equal sign, and use the flaps for the each term to describe the part of the equation.
We extended equation of circles to linear-quadratic systems with circles.  In the lesson we were also able to review linear-quadratic systems with parabolas.  Two birds, one stone.  Yay!
 Next we discussed different lines associated with circles, and went over some lesser used theorems.  (So far it looks like common tangents won't be a part of the common core curriculum, which is so sad because that always seems to students' favorite topic in this unit.  Perhaps I'll be able to work it into a special project some day.)
The next day we went over the regularly used theorems.  Note to self:  Two days for the this topic next year.  This is the only other foldable for this unit.  One side has a diagram with fill-in-the-blank theorems.  The under side has examples.

Our next topics were central and inscribed angles and inscribed polygons.  We kept our notes simple these days.

This year, I split up one topic into three days.  Next year, I am teaching angles on circles with inscribed angles on one day.  The next day, I will teach angles inside and outside circles on the same day.  While it was nice to take this topic slow, by spreading them out over three days, students had a difficult time differentiating between the three cases.

I combined the three topics for another day of practice with complex circles.   We took notes, and completed a worksheet that we stapled into our notebooks.
 Lastly, we worked on lengths of line segments in circles.  I taught each case over three days, but I think for next year I am going to combine secant-secant and secant-tangent into one day.

Note:  I apologize for any weird formatting issues.  Blogger was not cooperating with me on this one.

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