Sunday, August 10, 2014

How the Year Ended - Mini-Classroom Tour

At the end of last school year (2012-2013), I posted some pictures of how my classroom looked, but I had already taken down all of the glorious posters I usually have on my classroom walls.  So here are my classroom photos from the end of the past school year (before I made any changes). 

Before the end of school year, I was informed that my classroom (among others) would be in use over the summer while asbestos is being abated in our elementary school.  While this may seem as a huge disadvantage, I made the most of it.  We selected new textbooks for next year and part of the process is getting rid of all of the old textbooks.  I decided to seize the opportunity and also rid myself of all of the really old textbooks I had in my classroom.  (I mean from Math A/B, Sequence 1/2/3, and even earlier.)  Doing so cleared up so much of my cabinet space.

In the cabinet directly behind my desk (the one that housed a mouse last year), I put all of my teacher supplies (with large heavy items covering any holes that a mouse could visit through).  I LOVE the photo boxes from Michael's.  They're usually on sale for $2 each, sometimes even $1.66 each.  They have a space for labels and they hold so much. Best of all, they make everything look neater.

In the cabinet to the immediate left of that, I have all of the supplies that I routinely use with my students.  The other three cabinets are a somewhat organized mess, but these two cabinets were absolutely beautiful.

However, these cabinets do not look like this today.  Due to our visitors, I had to lock up everything from inside my desk, and anything that I normally leave on a work surface.  Also, I have been going back to school to print out the updated Geometry modules and to review with students for the August exams.  While there, I noticed that many supplies for next year had already been dropped off, and I put them away to get them out of the teacher's way.  I cannot wait to go back to the glorious organization that I had before September.

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