Monday, August 11, 2014

Good Memories

While deleting old photos from my phone, I found a bunch from my past two school years that brought back some good memories.  I just wanted to immortalize them on the blog.

The beautiful view from my classroom window one morning after snowfall

 Where Woodstock took place 
(taken during class trip to Bethel Woods)

The best heart graph

Random, much appreciated gift left in my mailbox

My darling H period Contemporary Math class had me solve a problem

Random silliness

Random sweetness 
(There were post-its with hearts drawn on them in every drawer of my desk.)

Collage of my Christmas gifts 
(Top left = fired Oreos!)

Our Class of 2015 sold carnations for Valentine's Day  
(I was their designated care-taker for the day.  Time to add florist to that long list of professions that "Teacher" encapsulates.)

Carnation given to me from a student

I went all out for St. Patrick's Day this year

 PBIS hosted "Everybody Rocks Day" and I just had to represent the Crue
(Teachers Rock!)

 Walked into class one afternoon to find this ceiling tile painted

They're usually a mix of amused and annoyed when I use their slang against them

A calculator cake baked by one of my talented students

Bridal shower cake baked by one of my talented co-workers
(Our school has a tradition of throwing surprise bridal/baby showers.  They're so fun!)

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