Thursday, July 16, 2015

Geometry Scope & Sequence Re-Write

Last year, I made some big changes to my scope and sequence.  (You can read about them here.)  The most controversial change I made was moving 3D Measurement to the first unit.  This year I plan to move the 3D Measurement back to where it belongs according to the EngageNY modules.  Another decision I made was to move Coordinate Geometry back, also according to the EngageNY modules.  This is a tough one for me, because I love teaching Coordinate Geometry early in the course when students still remember how to graph.  We refer back to the unit often throughout the course, but I then must redistribute some of the topics to other units.  (This includes coordinate proof and partitioning a line segment.)  I am, however, looking forward to teaching an easier unit toward the end of the course.  It falls at right around that time when spring break is getting close but is still too far away, and student interest is waning.

This is my proposed sequence of units:
1.  Essentials of Geometry
2.  Transformations
3.  Congruent Triangles
4.  Properties of Triangles
5.  Polygons
6.  Similarity
7.  Right Triangle Trigonometry
8.  3D Measurement
9.  Coordinate Geometry
10.  Circles

The thing that I am considering now is this:  What if I save proofs for the very end?  I often find that I teach it in about November, have to nearly re-teach it for Polygons in January, have to spend time again in February during Similarity, and then have to re-re-teach it during review.  (I usually wait until review before going over circle proofs.)  I've heard of other teachers saving proofs for last.  Geometry teachers, I need your help!  What are your thoughts or experiences with teaching proofs at the end?


  1. I have never thought of teaching proofs at the end. I know that every year my students struggle with proofs and I have run out of ideas. I think that it would be hard to teach congruent triangles without proofs, but I am sure that something could be done. After 11 years of teaching I still feel like some days I am a first year teacher and struggle every year with where to teach different topics. All I can say is that whatever you choose stick with it.
    I have really enjoyed your bog today. I am trying to start using interactive notebooks and you have had some very interesting things for me to think of.

    1. Hello. I read on some other blogs that teachers were teaching proofs at the end of the year. I'm just curious how it works out. I think this year I'm going to leave proofs where they are and make it more of a habit to review them.

      I'm glad the interactive notebook posts are helpful to you. Stay tuned. I'll be posting pictures from last year's notebook in the next few weeks.


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