Monday, August 10, 2015

2014-2015 Geometry INB Unit 1 (Measurement) & First Pages

This post has been a long time coming.  I don't even know why I've held out for so long on posting my INB pages from this past school year.  (Allow me to apologize in advance for the poor lighting.)

I decided to include how I "decorate" my notebook.  This year I typed up a label.  I add duck tape (the little ducklings) to the edges and over the spine to make the notebook sturdier.

Inside the cover I added all kinds of class info and info about the notebook itself.

The first official page was reserved for adding symbols throughout the year.

I separate all of my units with a pocket page, and start each unit with a table of contents.

Also at the beginning of each unit is a self-assessment.  Students fill out how comfortable they feel with the unit skills at the beginning of the unit and again at the end.  Our first unit was Measurement (solids), so I included a sheet of all of the formulas they (may) need to know.

We did area of polygons, circles, and regular polygons.  (I don't know if I will cover area of regular polygons again.  It was not difficult to teach, but it seems kind of unnecessary.)

We covered lateral area for the last time.  (This is cut from common core.)

We did volume of prisms & cylinders.

Then volume of pyramids and cones.

Then volume and surface area of spheres.

I included both reference sheets.  Next year I only need to include the common core one.  

Then we closed the unit with applications.  I gave students this worksheet to complete, and then we stapled the sheet into our notebooks and folded it over.  

Overall, not very exciting pages.  (Maybe that's why I didn't post them earlier.)  I think it is worth it to share and reflect though.  What I see here is how we began the year with color coded highlighting.  One color for vocabulary, another for postulates/theorems, and another for formulas.  I need to remember to be so good about that again this year. 

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