Tuesday, August 18, 2015

2014-2015 Geometry INB Unit 7 (Polygons)

Here are my unit 7 pages...
I've provided links to download the printables under their photos.

Pocket page and table of contents.

Unit self-assessment and a chart that helps students discover the formula for the sum of the interior angles of a polygon.  (It also gives them an alternative method when they can't remember the formula.)

The chart close up.

Practice page for interior angles and exterior angles of polygons.  The next day we covered the theorems about parallelograms.

On the left page there is parallelograms practice, and on the right page flaps for the special parallelograms.

Under the flaps students wrote in a definition for the shape and marked diagrams depicting their special properties.

On the left page, we practiced with special parallelograms.  On the right page we took notes on trapezoids and completed some practice problems.

Every year I give students a copy of the chart on the left and have them check off the property that is true for each quadrilateral.  Every year the majority of them completely botch it up.  I need to find something else for next year.  On the right side we completed notes on coordinate proof.  I tried to get students thinking about how to use distance and slope formula to demonstrate the properties of parallelograms and the special parallelograms.  I think for next year, I'd rather students make some sort of list in their notes while I use reworked versions of the questions on this sheet. 

The other side of the coordinate proof sheet.

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