Wednesday, August 19, 2015

2014-2105 Geometry INB Unit 8 (Similarity)

Here are my unit 8 pages...
Links to downloadable printables are under their photos.

The table of contents and self-assessment, of course.

We began the unit with dilations, and then I used compositions with dilations to review the rigid motions.  Next year I have to do much more with dilations.  I'll be blogging about that this weekend; I hope.

Then we studied the side splitter theorem.

The second example down on the blue page was a goof.  It belonged with similar polygons, and not the side splitter theorem.  We moved from side splitter theorem to similar polygons, and at the end of the lesson we previewed finding missing sides using similar polygons.

The next day we did problem solving with similar polygons.

Next we went over proving triangles similar, and then similar triangle proofs.

I made sure to include proofs where students had to prove that sides were proportional and then use the cross products property.  Since we started the year with measurement, the students didn't yet know about similarity, so I held off on teaching similar figures until this unit.

Here are the word problems with similar figures.

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