Friday, October 23, 2015

Quick Tip for Constructions

The one thing I always complain about my school is that it's so small that I'm the only Geometry teacher.  Being the only Geometry teacher is tough sometimes.  I have no one to bounce ideas off of, or to guide me through the ins and outs of being a Geometry teacher.  I pick many things up from MTBOS, and Pinterest, but I often have to figure things out for myself.  This tip is one that I figured out myself.  (It seems so simple though, that I feel it must have been known to many teachers before me.)

Grading constructions can be tricky.  At first, I grade for process.  Making sure that students remember the steps necessary for completing a construction.  Over time, as students become more familiar with the compass, I grade for accuracy.  When I grade for accuracy, I look much more closely at the arcs and lines to make sure they are placed almost exactly where they are supposed to be.  In the past, to be sure, I would often end up completing the construction over top of the student's construction in colored pen.  (And if I made some sort of mistake, there would be a mess.)  What I figured out is that I could complete the construction on patty (or tracing) paper first, then lay my construction on top of the student's construction to check for accuracy.  This has saved me so much time and frustration.   I also suggest taping the patty paper down when completing the construction, as it is prone to shifting.

There you have it.  Quick and easy construction grading.

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