Friday, October 16, 2015

What's New...

I've turned into one of the things that I seriously hate.  It annoys me to no end when bloggers post constantly all summer, and then as soon as school starts they go silent.  I completely understand of course, but it just bugs me. I need more ideas and inspiration!  I always have a goal to post weekly, but things get in the way (just like they do for everyone), and it just doesn't happen like that.

So to end the silence, I thought I'd just post a quick update on what's new this year.
  • It was decided that I'd be the new advisor of the Senior High Math Team.  I'm happy to do it, and the kiddos are happy to have me do it, but I feel so unprepared for it.  I don't remember all of the super fun things that come up in the crazy questions that are assigned, so I feel kind of useless.  The kids that participate a great though, and very self-directed.  It's a pleasure to work with them.
  • I actually have to teach Common Core Geometry this year.  Last year my students took both the non-Common Core and the first ever Common Core exam.  They got to keep their highest grade, and I got a chance to learn about how the Common Core exam is without the pressure.  This year Common Core is the only option, and I've been preparing to step up my game.
  • This year I have a new course!  Ever since I began my current position, I wondered, why do we not offer a non-Regents Geometry course?  I teach a course called Contemporary Math, which is a basic math course for math credit.  I've always wanted a no-pressure Geometry course where I could spend as much time teaching topics as each topic required.  I'm quickly learning that some topics need more time than I predicted, but it's a wonderful and an interesting experience so far.
  • I've been journaling daily.  I love reflecting on my day, and finding ways to improve for next time.  I hope to start a routine where I come home and immediately start journaling.  So far my routine has been come home, eat snacks, collapse on couch, and eventually do some sort of work so I'm less stressed for the next day.  I end up journaling before bed, and therefore forgetting some of the wonderful things I could be journaling about.  #workinprogress
  • I've been doing yoga approximately 6 days a week.  I love it.  It's so relaxing.  It's the thing that I do for me.  I follow along with videos on YouTube, and the ones I use take 20 minutes or less.  The most interesting thing about doing yoga is that my back feels so great.  I seem to have near constant back pain, and it's pretty much gone away since I started doing yoga so frequently.  In fact, on the days that I don't do yoga, my body feels like it needs a good stretch.  
  • I've become something of an organization guru in my school, and decided to start an after school program to help students get organized.  I had my first meeting on Thursday, and no one showed up.  I've since put up an advertisement in my class room window, and hopefully I can draw some students in.  I'll also make announcements in my classes (which sounds like the obvious thing to do), but I feel sort of awkward doing it.  I'll give it a try.  (If I don't have a regular attendance rate of 5 students or more, the program will be canceled.)  So if this thing takes off, I'll have more material to post about. 
  • I'm sort of addicted to YouTube.  This isn't exactly new.  I binge watch scrapbooking, DIY, and room re-decorating videos.  What is new is that I am considering adding a video/vlog component to my blog.  I'm thinking about sharing organization tips and tricks via video.  Writing and using pictures is great to get a message across, but I think a video would be even better.  No promises, but I'm seriously considering trying it out. 

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